What is THRIVE?

A unique community collaboration


THRIVE is a working partnership of public schools, government agencies, businesses, public charities, private foundations and other stakeholders who have come together with the goal of achieving systemic change to ensure the success of ALL children in Santa Barbara County.

What sets THRIVE apart is the focus on Shared Community Vision, Data, and Collective Impact.

THRIVE’s mission is to ensure a prosperous Santa Barbara County by aligning community resources to improve the lives of young people from cradle to career. By using data, we will support our communities to develop common goals and identify effective practices.


To learn more about THRIVE, click HERE to read our 20-page 2015 Baseline Report

The Opportunity Gap

Santa Barbara County's challenge


In fact, two of three children enter school in Santa Barbara County
with one or more risk factors that may impact lifelong achievement.

Sadly, some children of lower-income, less-educated parents enter kindergarten as much as two years behind their peers. This makes it extremely hard to ever catch up,  and can result in a compounding effect of poor grades, truancy, dropouts, teen pregnancy, crime, and more poverty. To Learn More, open our 20-page 2015 Baseline Report HERE>